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“I’d love to see people overcome mental health issues by punching away their problems and becoming truly positive and energized!”

-Mr. Funkfit-

The Funkyfit boxing pad can be used anywhere, anytime empowering people everywhere – at home, at work, schools, parks, with others, or on your own.

Funkyfit Boxing allows pent-up stress and frustration to be released in a fun safe and effective way, enabling a better day for all. The health benefits are huge; You can achieve physical fitness, emotional stability, and healthy mental well-being!

Funkyfit Boxing is the latest fun, energetic and most versatile fitness boxing concept to ever hit the fitness world right now.  It’s suitable for EVERYONE! ‘People love to punch’ and this new concept will not only get you fit but will get you energized through punching your way towards a positive mindset! So put your boxing gloves on, hit those pads and rediscover yourself. FREE YOUR MIND

Funkyfit boxing is the brainchild of Motivator, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, and Fitness Writer, Frank Mangna (Mr. Funkyfit). Mr. Funkyfit has spent over a decade in the fitness industry. He’s the founding director of Studio Red fitness gym in Southampton. Mr. Funkyfit spends his time training people, undertaking charity events and motivating people in the media and festivals across the UK.  He’s appeared on many TV and radio channels and has written numerous published fitness articles for newspapers and magazines which he loves and continues to do.